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In 1972, Temple Christian School began as a ministry of Temple Baptist Church in Rockingham, North Carolina. From just a handful of students in kindergarten through third grade, Temple has grown to 200 students in K-3 through twelfth grade programs.

Through the years, the school has seen steady improvements in staff, curriculum, and facilities. A new third floor was completed for the high school in 2002. In the early years, a combination of A Beka and ACE curriculums was used. Presently, traditional classroom instruction is taught in all grade levels utilizing both Bob Jones and A Beka material. Another tremendous aspect Temple is its low teacher turnover. The average staff tenure is 15 years. This allows for a consistent, stable, and experienced atmosphere for the students.

Over the last five years, the school has experienced a number of graduates continuing their Christian education along with preparing for ministry in Bible colleges. Recently, Temple Baptist Church began supporting its first missionary to graduate from Temple Christian School. Likewise, several graduates are presently pastoring churches. It is wonderful to see the training come to fruition in the lives of young people.

Joining the NCCSA has been beneficial in many areas, such as sports. Through the years, Temple has excelled in basketball and in recent years—soccer. Baseball was introduced in 2006. The NCCSA has given Temple an organization that provides quality programs and services and gives us a stable, competitive environment for athletics.

“As we near the end of each year, Temple looks forward to continuing to instill God-honoring principles in the lives of its students.”