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We revere America's past.  We salute the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance regularly; we also sing patriotic songs.  A program of patriotism develops a real love for country based upon an appreciation of our American heritage and the Christian principles upon which America was founded.

The following checklist will help you submit a complete application. An incomplete application can cause delays in processing and jeopardize your child’s enrollment. If unable to complete all checklist items, please explain in writing with your application.

    1. Submit a completed enrollment applicaction.

    2. Register for the Christian Camp.   (required for
        students entering the 7th - 12th grade)

    3. Forward the Pastoral Recommendation Form to
        your Pastor to be completed and mailed to
        Temple Christian School office. (This should be
        mailed directly by the person completing the
        recommendation form.)

    4.  Forward the Authorization for Release of
         Records Form to the school office.                     

     The Administrator will review your application and applicants will be invited for an interview.  If you have any questions about the application and/or enrollment process, please call the school at 910-997-3179.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

    Temple Christian School admits students of any race, color, nationality, or ethnic origin.  All rights, privileges, programs, and activities are made available to every student of the school, regardless of the above considerations. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational and admission policies, as well as athletic and other school administered programs.

Daycare (K3-K4)

$2600 yr. ($260 mo. ) * Multiple child rate doesn't apply to daycare.

K5 - 12th Grade

$2600.00 per year ($260 mo.) for 1 child

$4450.00 per year ($445 mo.) for 2 children

$5700.00 per year ($570 mo.) for 3 children

$6750.00 per year ($675 mo.) for 4 children

*Our tuition is a yearly fee, which is broken down into ten equal payments for your convenience. The first payment is due by August 15th, and the last is due by May 15th.


 A late fee of $15.00 will be added if payment is received after the 25th of the month. Students will not be allowed to attend class the next month if the bill has not been satisfied by the end of the month.

Late Enrollment:
  Students who are enrolled after school begins will be charged a pro-rated tuition to include the tenth month - 1/9 of yearly fee per month.  ($290.00)


Fees:  These are due in August, or you may elect to pay during the summer months. 


$40 for all students


$150 for K3 and K4

$230 for K5

$310 for 1st-12th


Sports Fee

$50.00 per child per sport. This fee is to offset the high cost of gas, referee fees, sports equipment, bus, driver, and etc.